Brand Promise

You will retain total data sovereignty.

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Our Values

Blame free culture

It’s OK to make mistakes, we can learn from them together.


We can lean on each other, nobody is alone.


We work as a team, not just as individuals, asking each other for help.


This is a safe space for LGBTQ+, Neuro & gender diversity. We recognize the power of alternative thinking.


Safe environment for creating new ideas and thought collaboration.

Spin outs & Incubation.

If you want to launch your own business after working at Tau, we want to help you build it.

Team Tau

Mark Cliffe

With over two decades in software development, he has ​primarily focused on start-ups, guiding them through ​M&A processes to becoming a publicly traded company ​with related compliance requirements.

Before delving into blockchain, Mark dedicated the ​majority of his career to Legal Process Outsourcing, ​contributing to some of the largest litigations globally.

Stuart Lacey

Coming from a graphic design background with skills in ​illustration, iconography and photorealism.

Stuart transitioned into Web2 & Web3 UX from a mobile ​first viewpoint, where less is more in a UX, and intuitive ​layouts replace training manuals.

Gerald Acheampong

Originally working for BBC Radio 1, his media career ​transitioned to television, collaborating with Chris Evans ​on TFI Friday on Channel 4.

Gerald's passion for technology steered him into the ​blockchain industry, first as an investor and later as an ​advisor for blockchain development and cryptocurrency ​investment for prominent media personalities.

What roles do we currently seek?

We are currently looking for people with experience in

We each have our role to play

Business development

Do you have a proven track record in bringing software ​solutions to market? If so we would like to talk to you.

Solidity & EVM

Tau only works with EVM compatible blockchains, so if ​you have experience in Solidity, and have some ​interesting ideas on how Tau can be used to help the ​blockchain community, we would like to start a ​conversation with you.

Please note, that at this time Tau does not engage with recruitment agencies.